The authors of this web-site are dr. Evelina Markova, dr. Nina Buchkova, dr. Javor Simeonov and dr. Ventseslav Ralev - some Bulgarian specialists in dental medecine. The idea about starting of such a project appeared some years ago, in the year 2002, when we arranged some photographs from some cities and districts all around Bulgaria. Bit by bit the site conception was developed and finally we decided to create an on-line reference about all that is worth to be seen in our beautiful country. Of course without having claim on any kind of exhausting of all tourist places - this is not possible for a team including just four developers. Our aim and (as it is modern to say nowadays) our mission? To show to all visitors our country on-line and, after that, to make them do a visit somewhere (or everywhere?!) in Bulgaria. The physical visit of all the places and the meeting of nativeborn people can't still be replaced by a virtual trip.

Allthough the present web project was not created with any commercial aim (the site authors do not try to advertise any ware or service), on some places you will notice some hyperlinks to the web page of a powerful, higly prospective company busy with dental care - this is the "Dr. Ralev" dental clinic. We hope these hyperlinks will not be boring to any visitor, but in our private opinion it is necessary to support our profession that gives us the opportunity to develop new interesting and useful web projects.